Pre- and Post- is an experimental design practice based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and by extension, Seoul, Korea. Our practice is a cross-continental dialogue that reflects a commitment to exploring and embodying the myriad “pre-” and “post-” conditions in design—chronologically, conceptually, and geographically. Our work engages the realms of architecture, media, technology, and urbanism, producing outcomes in various forms — from texts, images, and software to exhibitions, installations, buildings, and urban designs.

    Within our studio, every design project begins by examining the ‘pre-’—the deep-seated contexts and histories from which we draw inspiration—and culminates in the ‘post-’—the diverse, forward-looking applications that ensure the longevity and pertinence of our work. This meticulous journey through the intermediary moments—where significant shifts are subtly orchestrated—allows us to envision and craft a future that captures the essence of innovation while honoring the narratives that shape our built environments. Pre- and Post- exists as a dynamic synthesis of past, present, and potential, uniting rigorous scholarship with the tangible crafting of spaces and forms.

    We place great emphasis on a meticulous approach to the design process, beginning with an analytical investigation of precedents—our “Pre-”—and extending through the transformative “Post-” processing stages. In this spectrum, we capture a collection of in-between moments, parsing the design process for subtle yet profound shifts, seeing every phase as an opportunity for creative and intellectual intervention.

Hyojin Kwon is the founding partner of Pre- and Post- LLC and a Design Critic in Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Previously, she served as a Lecturer in Architecture at Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design. Kwon held the Irving Innovation Fellowship at the GSD, teaching and researching the reciprocal relationship of digital media and physical artifacts to perception, representation, and materialization. In the context of post-digital, her recent research, teaching, and projects have focused on how digital media alters the internal working methods of the design fields but also larger cultural conditions.

Previously, Kwon has completed installation projects for the Museum of Brisbane and Brisbane City Council in Australia, Tokyo Designers Week in Japan, CICA Museum, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and Hanyang Artainer Museum in Korea. Her design work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Cambridge, Seoul, Brisbane, and Sydney. Prior to Pre- and Post-, she practiced in several offices in the United States and Australia, including Populous, OMA, SOM, MILLIØNS, and Certain Measures.

Kwon received a Master of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she was awarded the James Templeton Kelley Prize for her thesis titled Death, Divorce, Down-sizing, Dislocation, and (Now) Display: A Self-Storage Center for a More Exhibitionist Future. 

Additionally, Kwon was also awarded a Macdowell Residency, an ArtOmi Architecture Residency, and a research residency at the Autodesk Technology Center in Boston. She has given lectures and served on juries at several institutions including Yale, Penn, MIT, RISD, Sci-Arc, UT Austin, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea.


Chiyoon Min is the founding partner of Pre- and Post- LLC,  an Adjunct Professor at Boston Architectural College (BAC), and a Director of Design at Nelson Worldwide. He is a highly experienced registered architect (AIA, Massachusetts) and designer with 15 years of experience who has worked on a variety of projects across multiple fields, including architecture, interior design, urban design, and public art. Prior to Pre- and Post-, Min worked for several offices in the United States and South Korea, including Gensler, H-Architecture, Haeahn Architecture, Samwoo Architecture, Heerim Architecture, and Hickok Cole.

Min has completed projects of various sizes and programs in the United States, South Korea, China, and Columbia. Some of the notable projects that he has worked on include the Amazon Boston office (Alexa lab), GE Headquarters, RaDD (Research and Development District) San Diego, 225 Wyman Lab & Office building, Alewife Triangle office district, Syracuse University Newhouse, Corning Life science office renovation, Bogota hospital, Nanjing House, Korean National Police University, National Center for ADHD, and many offices and residential projects. He has also participated in various design competitions, including the Charles F. Hurley Building Redevelopment, Korea Electric Power Corporation, and Gyeongbuk Provincial Government Complex, and Anseong Performing Art Center.

Min is also committed to teaching and has served as a Lecturer in Architecture at Seoul National University, Hanyang University, Korea University, Konkuk University, and Hongik University. He has a strong interest in balancing architectural theory and history with practice in the professional field.

Min holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a Master of Engineering in architecture from Seoul National University. He was in the Erasmus program at ETSAB (Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona), UPC. 

Min has received various awards and recognition for his work, including the best article of the year from AIK (Architectural Insitute of Korea) with his Master’s degree article “Le Corbusier’s White wall concept” in 2009. He is also a co-writer of the article ‘A study on Planning Guideline for ‘Townhouse’ in Korea, which was a National research project Brain Korea 21. Additionally, he participated in the Book ‘HangZhou: Grids from Canal to Maxi-Block (redesigning Gridded Cities) with Professor Joan Busquets (Harvard GSD & ETSAB, UPC). Min also co-led the team ‘The Future of Tradition UNESCO City Cultural Master Planning in Icheon’.

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